OSAGE | I walked down the long hall and made my way to the last classroom on the left. I peeped into the classroom in the narrow rectangular window in the door. It was filled with tiny humans coloring pictures at tables that fit them just right.

Some began to hand their colorful pictures to Mrs. Muller and make their way to the alphabet filled carpet by the dry erase board on the right side of the room.

I give a little knock and walk into the classroom. I make my way to the back of the classroom while the rest of the kids finish coloring their pictures and make their way to their spots on the mat.

One little boy says while handing his picture to the teacher, “Mine is so beautiful”

All the kids are sitting on the mat now, noticing that they have a visitor. I find a seat in one of the mini chairs that fill the room.

“Mrs. Muller, Sophie is here,” yells the little girl sitting on her knees with brown long, curly hair.

Mrs. Muller asks,“Does anyone know who Sophie is?”

Everyone looks over with smiling faces, raising their hand and yell, “Meeeeeeeeee!” (Let’s just say I knew only a few of those kids, and two of them I babysit for.)

Mrs. Muller asked, “How did you feel about coming to school today?” Not being able to sit still, the kids raised their hand while the teacher picked on them.

In cheerful voices the kids replied, “Super excited.”


“I missed you when I was gone,” said one little boy sitting near the teacher.

Mrs. Muller did an activity with them to get them to sit still, be quiet, and listen. One little boy chirps up, “I zipped my mouth.”

As Mrs. Muller finishes up with the activity, I look around and examine my surroundings. The walls are painted with grey, bright yellow, and ocean blue, but you can hardly tell.

The walls are decorated with learning tools throughout the whole room. The alphabet is lined out in huge bubble letters across the top of the dry erase board. Numbers are in the same format spread out on the back cabinet. Shapes are scattered all over the walls.

On one wall in the back of the room is a large tree made of paper, and on the tree is family pictures from the kids and their families in the class. Different centers are all over the room for the kids to play and learn.

They look like perfect opportunities for kids to interact with their classmates and learn something. The room is a perfect room to have for preschoolers. It feels so cozy and welcoming: I would love going to school every day if that was my room.


Regional Editor

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