Have you ever wondered what a day in the feed mill is like at the Osage Co-Op Elevator? The elevator here in Osage is one of the busiest places in our town. There are feed orders coming in constantly and the phone never stops ringing. When I go into the office to clock into work, it all seems calm, but once I step into the feed mill, dust is flying and everybody is doing something.

Most of the talking that goes on in the mill happens in the office; it comes from the truckers trying to figure out who is going where. Somedays, the talking turns into yelling. Usually it is just because it is hard to hear over all of the noise, or when somebody does something wrong.

The first thing I do is see if there are feed orders to be completed. Making feed can be confusing and frustrating. There are specific feeds and drugs that go into one feed; we make the same feed batch four or more different times in a day.

If one of the guys needs their truck filled up, I get called over to drive the truck so they get it filled, even if I am in the middle of mixing a feed. There is never a time to just be sitting around: there is always something to be done, from sweeping the floor to getting ready for the next feed load.

When the phone rings, it is typically a call from the office, saying that someone needs a load from the warehouse. A dock load can consist of one bag of chicken feed, to 500 pounds of pasture creep feed.

The mill doesn’t really have a scheduled closing time, it gets shut down when all the feed is delivered for the day. Because everyone wants feed before the weekend, Fridays are the busiest days of the week in the mill.

The group of people who I work with every day are great; they make working until 10:30 better. When everyone is in a good mood, it is even better.

After working in the feed mill, I learned that every day is a new challenge and it is always busy. Every day I pray that I don't mess up an order or get in anyone’s way, because if I do, I will never hear the end of it.

And there you have it, your average day in the feed mill at the Osage co-op elevator.


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