OSAGE | Osage School Superintendent Barb Schwamman is taking her voice for the small, rural school districts to the Iowa High School Athletic Association's Board of Control.

In October 2017, Schwamman became the first female administrator to be appointed to this board. Her term will run for five years, until 2022.

She was elected by high school principals and superintendents to represent 92 public and private Class A and AA schools located in northeast Iowa.

The board is comprised of nine members representing school administrators, athletic directors, school boards and the department of education.

Schwamman said she wanted to be a board member because she has always been involved in sports including coaching both high school and middle school as well as being involved in sports as a parent.

"I believe sports are an extension of the classroom and they play a big role in teamwork, communication and building work ethic," she said. "Sports enriches a student's total education experience and to be able to be a part of this board is an honor in serving our schools.

"I was encouraged to run for this opportunity by a previous member, who thought I would be able to represent our schools well."

Schwamman went on to say she plans to be a voice for small, rural schools and "help give input on how the policies and procedures of IHSAA effect schools and teams," she said.

"I look forward to working with our board to ensure equity, while promoting high participation and success of the programs IHSAA overseas."