OSAGE | Despite it being the coldest day so far this year, students from Osage's Middle School braved the cold and collected food for the school's community "Drive Out Hunger! Fill the Bus Food Drive."

On Tuesday, Nov. 21, students collected food at Osage's Dollar General and at Randy's Neighborhood Supermarket.

The students' goal was to fill a bus with as many items as they could for the Mitchell County Food Bank, through their own home-base food drive as well as asking for donations from the community.

Between their own collecting and from the public, over 3,000 items were donated to the Food Bank Friday afternoon.

“Many families in the community reach out to the food bank so they have enough to eat during the holiday season,” said middle school student Talia Stangel.

Osage Middle School students were at both locations encouraging citizens to do their part in filling the school bus.

"The Osage Middle School goes beyond the classroom when teaching our younger generation. I feel that our citizenship, service to the community, and soft skills are just important for our students to learn each and every day," said Osage Middle School principal Jay Marley. "This is a great school wide activity that is an act of kindness project that our Mitchell County Food Bank and our students can benefit and learn a great deal. "

All the food collected with stay in Mitchell County.

"This was just a wonderful idea," said Chisholm. "Once the first food drive took place, it just mushroomed. This was a great idea to come up with filling a bus.

“Whoever, or which ever group came up with the idea for that bus, it was wonderful, simply wonderful, and to see kids being taught about the needs of others and caring for others and taking the time to help others was fantastic. I hope when people see what they were able to do, it inspires them to do something to help those in need as well.”

“I know many people in my community don’t eat enough because they don’t have the sufficient amount of money,” Nasvy Cibrian said, “This drive will hopefully try to decrease the amount of people who don’t eat enough. If you have time please donate food with us.”