I am writing to let you know what Bridges Mentoring means to me.

I have been a part of this program in several different capacities. From 2008-2010, I worked part-time with Rae Anne Having at Bridges Mentoring Program.

I was a mentor, mentoring a six-year-old girl form 2009-2012, and since 2008, I have actively served on the Bridges Mentoring Board.

I feel very passionate about Bridges and the members it serves.

The program has served as a means to offer support to children and families in the Mitchell County communities.

There is no "cookie cutter" child or family that Bridges reaches out to. Some families lack a healthy family support, while other families have a great natural support.

Some families face trials and tribulations, while others just need that extra support.

Regardless of the situation, "it takes a village" and Bridges Mentoring has a been a village, helping children and families for the past 20 years.

I have seen many kids excel and blossom, while learning healthy tool sets that they bring into their adulthood.

Serving on the board, I have been apart of many fundraising opportunities and events.

Unfortunately, times are tough and funding is being cut for many programs and I don't want to see Bridges close its doors due to lack of funding.

I'm reaching out to the public to find in their hearts to help us through tough times, so we can see Bridges Mentoring continue to thrive.