What an exciting time to be in agriculture in Iowa and specifically, Mitchell County.

With the announcement of the new stover plant in Osage, local livestock producers will have locally-sourced feed for their cattle and dairy made from the leftover parts of corn stalks that remain in the field after corn has been combined. It’s another way agriculture is becoming more efficient and putting what some may think of as leftovers to use. ‘Stover Ventures’ chose Osage because of the amount of cattle fed in Mitchell County, and I think that’s something to be proud of. But livestock farmers won’t be the only ones to benefit.

The plant will create 15 new jobs, which I hope attract some young families to the area. Stover Ventures also mentioned choosing this location because of the leadership from both the City of Osage and the Mitchell County Economic Development Authority. With the Osage area being an agricultural community, I’m so pleased to have the backing of both of these groups to further develop all the great things we have going on.

As a local cattlewoman, I hope Mitchell County will continue to support livestock and the opportunities it can present for our rural development, and I welcome Stover Ventures to our beautiful agricultural part of the state.