My husband and I have lived in and worked in Osage for the past 12 years. There are many reasons we have chosen to raise our family in Osage: the schools, the recreational opportunities, and also, the availability of quality, affordable daycare.

As a community, having reliable, affordable daycare benefits everyone. With most major employers in the area actively recruiting new employees, having a modern daycare that can accommodate new families moving to the area should be a top priority for the residents and employers of Osage.

The Osage Community Daycare has outgrown its current facilities, with outdated components and waiting lists for children. The new building will allow the daycare to expand and serve families in Osage and surrounding areas. It will be more functional, energy efficient, and have the space to accommodate more children.

My husband and I have relied on Osage Community Daycare for all three of our children. We enjoy the flexibility, affordability, and quality of the services provided. Three weeks ago our youngest child started at Osage Community Daycare, and although it’s never easy going back to work and leaving your child in the care of someone else, I had great peace of mind knowing that he would be in the trusted hands of Liz and Karen and the rest of the staff.

Because of budget cuts, the daycare was not awarded the CDBG Grant from the State of Iowa earlier this year. The construction of the new facility will be largely dependent upon grants and donations. I encourage the businesses and citizens of Osage to recognize the importance of a quality daycare and join us in supporting the “Building the Foundation for Growth” fund drive for the new facility.