Dear Editor,

Our current federal administration, in my opinion, is less than perfect. I feel the U.S. federal government tries to control/fund a lot of programs that should be controlled and funded by local government instead.

For example, at the moment, we are spending a lot of money on programs that help low-income senior citizens find work or programs that offer job-training for disadvantaged youth. (Washington Post, What Trump cut in his budget).

Although, these programs are good, I feel they should be handled and funded more by local and state governments and less by the federal government. What Donald Trump is doing to run a more balanced budget is cutting federal funding to many programs including the ones previously listed.

However, even though he’s taking away money from these parts of the budget, he is, in turn, adding money to other places of the budget. For example, Department of Veterans Affairs is getting six percent more funding, the Department of Homeland Security is getting seven percent more funding, and the Defense Department is getting nine percent more funding. (Washington Post, What Trump cut in his budget)

Not only has Trump outlined 2018’s budget, but he is in the process of getting Obama’s Affordable Care Act repealed and reformed. We might not like to admit it, but Obamacare didn’t quite do what it was supposed to.

However, it did make healthcare more affordable for older-aged Americans who don’t have a steady income because of the cap put on how much insurance companies could charge them.

In a budget analysis, they discovered Trump’s plan to repeal and reform Obamacare would take this cap away, letting insurance companies charge older-aged and underprivileged Americans more than previously allowed. (CNN, If you’re older and lower income, prepare to pay more under GOP health bill).

Although, universal healthcare seems like a great idea, I hope Trump and his administration can amend the Affordable Care Act in a way that helps older-aged and underprivileged Americans rather than make healthcare more expensive for them.


Debra Lane


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