I just read the letter to the editor from Mike Schwab, in support of Coach Brent Jennings.

I am also writing in support of Coach Jennings.

Brent Jennings coached my son as a wrestler in high school, and my daughter worked with him as a wrestling manager, and he coached both my daughters in cross country. All had very positive experiences and hold high regards for Coach Jennings to this day.

For any of today’s wrestling parents, who are unhappy with the performance of their wrestler or of the team in general, I ask you this - What do you expect from your child and what are you willing to do to help achieve these goals?

Wrestling is a very tough sport, it is both an individual, as well as a team sport. It takes hard work, commitment, discipline, and determination to succeed at a high level in wrestling, but the rewards are high even later in life.

Even some employers are more eager to hire when wrestling is on your resume. So, the questions I ask to any wrestling parent is how hard are you and your child willing to work to achieve your goals? Is your child wrestling in the off season or just during wrestling season?

The kids that achieve a high level of success wrestle in the off season. You will get out of wrestling what you are willing to put in it. And I will bet you, any kid that asks Jennings to help them achieve high goals will get that help as long as they are willing to put in the work. I have watched him with my own kids.

Jim Blaser