Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. Remember that old adage? Well, our good Congress is attempting to fool us for the umpteenth time in the past 30 years. And shame, shame, shame on us if we fall for their snake oil one more time.

Congress is promising the middle class a little tax break, well, not everyone in the middle class. The super-rich, the billionaires are demanding a return on their investment for providing millions of campaign funds to members of Congress and the Iowa Legislature. The tax reform bill in front of the Congress will provide huge breaks to the super-rich while raising taxes on about 8 percent of the middle class. The rest of the middle class receives a tax break of a few hundred dollars.

The tax break for the majority of the middle class sounds good, until you understand there are proposals to change health insurance mandates that is estimated to raise the cost of your health insurance by 10 percent or huge reductions to Medicare coverage. Other costs to the middle class are also scheduled to rise to also help pay for the huge tax break for the super wealthy. It does not help a struggling middle class family to receive cash in his left hand while having to pay that same cash and more out from his right hand. Of course, technically, by receiving the cash in the left hand, you did get a tax break, never mind other costs rose substantially. And after 2022, many of the tax breaks now provided the middle class goes away while the breaks for the super-rich are permanent. So the bottom line is: tax breaks go away after 2022 while the increased expenses like the 10% insurance increase remains intact.

I don’t know about you good folks but I am mad as hell that we, the majority of Mitchell County, are having the Congress scamming us one more time while lying about providing a helping hand.

Iowa has serious mental health issues; crumbling infrastructure issues; the lack of affordable housing; thousands of job openings that remain unfilled and a veteran’s preference law that is not enforceable, absolutely no assistance to an honorably discharged veteran. So the legislative priorities are tax cuts for the super-rich who move their factories out of the country and shelter their income in tax havens outside of the U.S.

Folks, it is time to get involved. It is time to say enough is enough. It is time our elected national and state officials work on our behalf. Remember, we still control the ballot box (if we bother to vote).


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