I have gotten the impression a lot of people aren’t seeing what the Chamber does here in Osage. Each Chamber of Commerce for each community is a little different - but I'll lay out exactly what the Osage Chamber does.

We have people looking to relocate and visit here all the time. How do I know? They call us - they email us - because they know that the Chamber of Commerce is the place that will know what's going on and which business can help fill their needs. A lot of the people requesting information live out of state and have never been here before.

People are looking for jobs in our community and products that our businesses can offer. A benefit of joining the chamber is your business will always be referred to these individuals looking for help. We can also help businesses find the workers to fill those positions!

Another component to my job is to act as our community's tourism representative. We're members of Central Iowa Tourism, attend the annual conference for Travel Iowa and attend regional meetings. We send out relocation information packets that include (again) referrals to our members' businesses. A lot of us have been in Osage our whole lives, but imagine if you were coming here for the first time: What's the best place to get a cup of coffee? Where can I work out? Where can I get my oil changed? Dry cleaning? Gift shop? Catch a show? Hike a trail? These are all very important amenities that Osage is proud to offer! Also, all inquiries are logged so we know where our visitors are coming from and what times of year. We also maintain Osage's Welcome Center, located in the lower level of City Hall.

If we rely solely on chance people will stumble upon our great little community, many businesses and industries will simply not survive. We need to give them reasons to come! So please, if you hear someone in the community that says "All the Chamber does is offer advertising" or "I don't see the value" - maybe this will help give a little bit more insight into what it is we do. Our Board of Directors and I are all so proud to serve in our roles for the Osage Chamber of Commerce because we want to help everyone who lives and works in Osage prosper.