What a weekend.

On Saturday, my high school speech team and I traveled to Waldorf University in Forest City to compete at the IHSSA District Large Group Speech Contest.

Can you imagine getting a group of high school students to come to school at 6:30 a.m. on a Saturday morning?

We (speech coaches) say there is no one like a speech student.

They are able to have fun no matter how early in the day they have to start.

It was a success and as always a great learning experience for the student (and myself, as well.)

High school students have a way of making you feel a lot younger than you really are.

Unfortunately, you fell it the next day!

I would imagine the other coaches from North Iowa would agree as well.


This week's holidays include "Global Belly Laugh" Day, today, January 24 and National "Curmudgeon" Day on Monday, Jan. 29.

Today, Jan. 24, at 1:24 p.m. smile, throw your arms in the air and laugh at loud.

It is said, "Laughs and smiles are the sunshine that transform our moments, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, on the seven comments.

Here are some ways to make any day a "Belly Laugh" Day at work:

*Wear a nametag: "Please Be Patient With Me I am..."

*Take a photo of yourself laughing on your cell phone. Email the photo to your colleagues. Invite them to join you at 1:24 p.m.

*Carpet the floor with blown balloons. Imagine the fun as you walk around the office, kicking the balloons all day.

*Play music during low energy moments.

*Smile, laugh out loud, laugh silently every time you hit delete on your computer.

National "Curmudgeon Day" is a day to put on your "grumpy" face.

Does January put you in a grouchy, grumpy, sour mood complete with complaining, whining and acting generally miserable?

Then you're ready to celebrate.

The real definition of curmudgeon is a grumpy, ill-tempered person.

It is generally a term used for older men who are stuck in their ways, expecting everyone to line-up with their way of thinking...or else.

However, how about trying a curmudgeon smile?

If you don't find yourself in this position but find yourself surrounded by those who are, how about making a sourpuss smile?

You might just find that you become less aware of your own curmudgeonliness.

Do something to make a co-worker smile.

You may have one less curmudgeon in the office.

Final thought - there is a full moon, blue moon - a big moon deal next week. Don't forget to go out and take a look at it.


Regional Editor

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