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School will soon be out. “Yeah,” the children will say. “Summer again?” the parents will ask.

It seems like the school year just started. I must be getting old – time is flying by too fast.

What do you have planned for your children this summer?

Believe it or not, there are lots of things for them to do here in our county.

Check out the summer reading program at your local library – they have great entertainment as well as many fun activities planned.

If you are looking for a little more excitement, how about taking in a high school softball or baseball game or a little league game? Our summer sports season is almost underway.

The summer and your hometown ball teams – a great way to support your community and the teens (or pre-teens) in their hard work.

It is always fun to watch the little kids play – forgetting which direction to run or over-throwing the baseball to one of the bases.

Those are the moments most of us can remember from our youth.

How about taking a trip to a nature center? Or a trip to an historical museum? Find a trail and go for a bike ride or long walk.

Right here in your county, you can spend the summer having fun. All it will take is a little bit of planning and some creativity.

There are town celebrations and festivals along with the county fair which provide hours of great for little to no money.

It's okay to think about going on a staycation.

It's like a vacation but there's no need to vacate the county. There are plenty of opportunities to to enjoy where you live without the hassles of traffic and long drives in the car.

Make it a fun experience for kids, especially if they are little. Just have the opportunity to spend time together as a family, without all the extra worries, may just make it one of your better family vacations.


Regional Editor

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