I confess I am not a fan of moving our clocks back and forth an hour in the spring and the fall. I side with the late Paul Harvey who I believe said something like: “Daylight Savings Time is misnamed. It doesn’t save daylight and it doesn’t save time.”

God controls how much sunlight we have in a given day and turning our clock back and forth doesn’t change that. I wonder how long Daylight Savings Time would last if we turn our clocks forward on Sunday night instead of Saturday? How long would it last if workers showed up an hour late for work instead of an hour late for worship? If we like the sun going down at a later time on our clock, why don’t we just leave our clock on Daylight Saving Time all year long? Oh, well. There’s my rant.

But wait. Maybe the phrase “Spring forward, Fall back” can be helpful to us spiritually. Have there been times in your life when you were excited about life, were looking forward to trying new things, doing new projects, and you couldn’t wait to “spring forward”? So you get really busy, get really involved, and your calendar fills with activities. But soon you’re discouraged and exhausted. You lose the spring in your step.

When that happens, we need to “Fall back”. Slow down. Maybe even back up. Maybe we “bit off more than we can chew”. Maybe we need to admit that what we hoped to accomplish isn’t going to happen.

Spiritually speaking, we need to “fall back” into the Savior’s arms. Jesus calls to us: “Come to Me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” [Matthew 11:28]. Wow! What an invitation!

And that’s also why God, from the beginning, built a “fall back” time into our weekly schedule—the Sabbath Day. Sunday is a time when we “fall back”—we take a day of rest, a time of relaxation that our body needs and that our soul needs even more. (The word “Sabbath” means “rest”).

We need at least one day out of seven to jump off the treadmill of life and relax. Actually the “rest” Jesus was referring to was “rest for your soul” [Matthew 11:29]. This is the rest of forgiveness, they knowledge that God loves you and that Jesus has already paid the penalty for all of your sins. Come to Him and receive that forgiveness. Stop trying to earn your way into heaven, just come to Him in faith.

I pray that you have a church home where you can go to receive spiritual rest from Jesus. Where you can “fall back” into His grace and mercy. He will give you rest—rest for your souls.