At Mitchell County Regional Health Center, we are continuously striving to improve or add services for which our community members need. One of our recent additions was a full time occupational therapist. Prior to this fall, MCRHC contracted with an outside occupational therapy company which provided visiting therapists. I am thrilled to announce that Kayley Schulz, has joined the MCRHC team as a fulltime, onsite occupational therapist.

You may be asking yourself, "what exactly does an occupational therapist do and how can they help me or my family?" Occupational therapy offers a wide variety of services to all ages. Kayley assists patients with the goal of promoting meaningful engagement in daily activities or occupations. Examples range from self-cares, such as brushing teeth and showering, to leisure activities, such as golfing or crocheting. Individual goals depend upon what matters most to the patient.

Common occupational therapy services include helping children with disabilities participate in school and social settings, helping people recover from injuries by regaining skills, and assessing and providing supports for older adults experiencing cognitive and physical changes.

Occupational therapy services is a department within the Rehabilitation Services Department and require a referral from your primary care provider; Services are available Monday through Friday during regular business hours and outside of business hours as deemed necessary to meet patient needs. Check with your doctor if you believe you can benefit from occupational therapy.