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I have used the quotes "All new beginnings are hard" and "Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end."

I think those quotes are very appropriate for the changes that you, our readers, are experiencing, especially our readers of the Summit-Tribune.

New beginnings mean change and change is hard. I understand.

In an ever-changing world, we are always looking for something to remain constant, never changing.

For many, the hope is that their hometown newspaper will remain a constant.

Unfortunately, the news and how it is delivered is an ever-changing scenario.

So, the change has made its way to our small town newspapers across the United States and right here in North Iowa.

For many small towns, those newspapers have completely disappeared, either swallowed up by larger newspapers or have been wiped out completely, because the "mom and pop" newspaper operations just couldn't continue to operate.

Fortunately, that has not been the case for our weekly newspapers.

Yes, the Mitchell County Press-News has not had too many changes.

However, some of you may have noticed a new look to our front page. We decided to change up the look a bit, offering a few more stories on the front page. That is the only change but one we think you will enjoy.

For our readers in Britt and Forest City, you have noticed a bigger change - the combining of print versions.

We believe we are offering our readers a bigger, local news-packed product that continues to bring what you, our readers, expect.

However, we continue to offer online versions of the Britt News-Tribune and Forest City Summit, as well as separate Facebook pages for those communities.

As we continue to improve and add to our overall coverage of Winnebago, Hancock and Mitchell Counties, we would like to ask something of you, our readers:

First, please be patient with us, as we continue to work out some wrinkles. 

Second, as the title of my column says, "It takes a village to have a successful newspaper."

As a newspaper staff, we can't be everywhere all the time and we don't know if something is happening, if you don't call or email us.

Just as you would do a friend when something happens, remember we are your friend wanting to share in your happiness and your sorrow.

We have been and will continue to be a part of your lives for many years to come, if you will let us.

Pick up the phone and give me a call, 641-832-7440, or email me at

Even better would be to just simply "drop us a line" with your news item and photos. We would like to share in your excitement. 

If you aren't comfortable with writing, not a problem, we have people who will take the time to share your story.

Remember, we are a village - a family - making our way through an ever-changing world of news.

Let us know what you miss seeing in the paper. Maybe through our changes we forget something and we need to get it back.

Who knows what great ideas you have? Help us make the newspaper, not only a place to preview what's happening in our community, but also recording all the great things that are happening in our small towns here in North Iowa.

It takes a village to have a successful newspaper - help us to continue to be that paper in your community!


Regional Editor

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