Now that the election season is over, for a couple of months, we can turn our attention to more pleasant thoughts – the holidays.

Unfortunately, the holidays are not so pleasant for everyone. Even though we continue to say that the recession never hit our part of the state, we need to realize people are making decisions regarding their health care coverage and how to pay for their medication. Many families struggle on wages from low-paying jobs.

Yes, there is a chill in the air but how warm will your neighbors be this winter?

I have mentioned about the need to get involved in your community.

With the holidays quickly approaching, the time will soon be here. Think about ringing a bell for the Salvation Army, or there are several “Giving Trees” located across our region.

Wherever you may live, I am certain there will be a tree in your community asking for you to help make someone’s winter a little warmer.


This week is a “kick-off” to the Christmas season – “Dear Santa Letter” Week.

I know we just finished Halloween and we’re just starting to think about Thanksgiving.

If you have a small child who still understands the story of Santa, then the time is now to have them write that magical letter to Santa.

Don’t forget to have them share the letter with you, just to be certain that we know what Santa was asked to bring.

One of the last years our daughter wrote a letter to Santa, she wanted to send it “air mail.”

She took the letter, went outside and threw the letter up into the air to Santa.

It didn’t travel too far but I was able to retrieve the letter after she went inside the house.

I believe we still have the letter somewhere.

Maybe I should find that letter and see if Santa was able to bring all of her wishes.

I discovered a second option.

You can call 1-951-262-3062 and leave a message for Santa, since he is busy making toys.


A big congratulations to the drama departments of our high schools across the region.

It is great to see our youth actively involved in a skill that will help them throughout their adult life.

The ability to get up in front of people and make yourself vulnerable is something many adults even struggle.


Speaking of holidays, don't forget to attend a Veteran's Day program. There are programs planned in our communities.

We spend time attending Memorial Day Services in the spring, but this holiday is just as important for us. We need to take the time to stop and honor living Veterans as well as those who have sacrificed for our country.