This past week, County Engineer Rich Brumm encouraged the Board of Supervisors to approve a process that is supposed to extend the life of our asphalt roads by three to five years.

The product is called RePlay. We sprayed this soybean based resin on one half of the road surface for one mile on S-70, the Nora Springs Blacktop. The cost of this treatment runs about $25,000 per mile.

RePlay reverses the oxidation process while strengthening the asphalt mix and sealing hairline cracks (spider cracks). It penetrates 0.75” to 1.25” in a matter of minutes. RePlay should reduce potholes and edge running and reduce moisture penetration.

Over the next three to five years, we will be comparing the two sides of the test strip road. If the product lives up to its claims, Mitchell County should be able to save hundreds of thousands or maybe a million or two dollars over a decade, thus stretching Secondary Roads resurfacing funds.

The Board of Supervisors has requested County Engineer Rich Brumm to order two signs marking this test strip so the public can observe if the program is a workable program. Another set of signage is supposed to be ordered for HWY 105 for the test strip where fiber was added to the concrete, thus the thickness of the road could be reduced by about an inch. Again, if the fiber is a huge success, lots of monies can be saved over the long run.

Your County Engineer and Board of Supervisors are always attempting to think outside of the box for the benefit of the Mitchell County taxpayer.