A few years ago I began decorating my home for each of the four seasons. Prior to that I only decorated for Christmas. This year after Christmas and after I had put away my Christmas decorations, I placed some snowmen and other winter decorations around my home.

I, along with everyone else, am getting kind of tired of winter and so as March 1 got closer and closer, I decided to put away my winter decorations. However, although I keep saying that with the coming of March spring can’t be far off, I’m not exactly seeing signs of spring, so it didn’t seem appropriate to decorate for spring, either.

I’ve decided that what I have ended up with is a Lenten theme. I can’t say that I have ever decorated for Lent before and that was not my intent, but that is what I ended up with. You no longer see signs of winter in my home, but spring is definitely not here yet, either.

And that to me is what Lent is all about. It is getting ready for spring. It is going through a darker time as we journey with Christ to the cross. It is a stark time. It is a somber time. It is a bleak time. But we are ready. We are ready for everything to spring forth in bloom. We are ready to celebrate once again that our Savior rose from the dead and that the darkness of sin that enveloped us has been lifted. And because he died and rose again we have that hope, that assurance of eternal life in heaven where spring will always be in full bloom.

We live in anticipation of what is to come: light and warmth and joy and excitement, not only when it comes to spring and Easter Sunday, but when it comes to eternal life with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.