How do you define generosity? Merriam Webster defines generosity as abundance or the quality of being generous.

In talking to colleagues and friends, I know this definition varies for everyone. Everyone's generosity is wrapped in their own personal passions and is extremely personal; often times based upon their individual life experiences.

Generosity appears in so many forms. I see it almost every day of my life and I see it at work ALL the time!

It IS the season of giving and everywhere I turn I see opportunities to give back to the beautiful communities of Mitchell County; whether it is during the "season of giving" or throughout the year, there are a myriad of ways each of us can be generous, depending on what tugs at our heartstrings.

Generosity comes in many forms: time, talents and money. All are very important for people and communities and all leave a positive impact on the people we share our lives with every day, whether we know those people intimately or whether they are simply a passerby on the street.

Mitchell County Memorial Foundation relies on donations in order to continually support not only Mitchell County Regional Health Center, but fulfill the Foundation's overall mission of promoting the highest quality health care in Mitchell County, benefiting any organization identified by or associated with MCRHC. Therefore, please consider how your generosity could positively impact our communities including the current building expansion and renovation project.

How do you define the word generous? I urge you to take time during this season of giving to answer this question…and then act on your answer.