On behalf of everyone at Bridges Mentoring, we cannot thank everyone enough for continuing to support our program by attending our chili challenge cook-off and other events throughout the year.

A special “shout out” to the advisory board members, the Osage Community School District, the Firemen Women's Auxiliary group, Runde Graphics and of course to our wonderful volunteers who participated in our chili challenge cook-off. Without your support Bridges would not have been able to make this fundraiser happen.

In 1999, Bridges Mentoring started at partnership with Lutheran Social Services to start up a mentoring program. In 2004, Bridges Mentoring joined North Iowa Community Action. For the past 13 years, Bridges has been fiscally represented by North Iowa Community Action. Bridges has always operated on a very tight budget. We received no funding whatsoever from NIACO. Bridges is funded on community contributions, grants, civic donations, in-kind donations, churches, businesses and fundraising. We have prided ourselves on continuing to provide services for youth for so many years with such a small budget. Your charitable donations have provided us with the wonderful opportunity to continue to provide these services to youth in Mitchell County.

In September of 2017 Bridges Mentoring was notified that NIACO was making changes within their organization. They made the decision they could no longer can fiscally represent Bridges Mentoring. This has been a setback, as Bridges now has to find a new fiscal sponsor by the end of the year.

Mentoring is a well-documented prevention strategy of positive youth development. Our evaluations show that after just one year in our mentoring program, our youth have, increased academic achievement, self-esteem, stronger bonds with adults other than their parents, and have shown an increased ability to plan for the future.

We are truly grateful for the donations we have received and the donations that keep coming in daily. It is important for everyone to remember that Bridges Mentoring is solely funded on community contributions, community grants and fundraising and without those donations we would be unable to continue to provide positive adult role models to youth in Mitchell County.

We are so grateful for the years of service North Iowa Community Action provided for us for the last thirteen years. Bridges will continue to provide mentoring services to youth in Mitchell County for many years to come.

Please consider choosing Bridges as your charitable donation recipient. All donations go directly towards the benefit of children in our program.