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2017 was a great year for the Osage Chamber of Commerce. 2017 brought us a new director, new members and businesses and soon, a new home!

Our year really kicks off with our annual spring fundraiser or “Big Event” in March. We hosted Boogie & the Yo-Yo’z for the second year in a row in 2017. Nearly 500 people attended this event at the CRC Events Center.

The summer kicks off with Summer Treasures Fest the first weekend in June. Throughout the summer the Chamber also hosted five Friday Night Outs, four Downtown Farmers Markets, BRAM, the 4th of July parade, participated in the Mitchell County Fair as well as help promote other community and member events.

In September, our executive board and I began working on updating our strategic plan. We wanted to draw out what the future of the Osage Chamber of Commerce looks like, what goals we have for the next three years and how we will work to attain them. One of the main goals the Chamber has always had is to have its very own office building. We’re happy to have attained this goal in 2017 (much sooner than we had anticipated), and will have a new location at 704 Main Street this spring. Remodeling will begin in January.

The Chamber also helps welcome new residents to Osage. Each month, we deliver around 10 bags filled with items donated by our members, which helps promote their business. Included is also a folder of items relating to our schools, churches and general city information. For 2017, we delivered about 110 bags.

We helped welcome many new businesses as well in 2017. June through November we held five ribbon cuttings for newly-opened businesses or businesses that had a renovation or expansion.

The Chamber receives numerous information requests for those looking for general contact information or information relating to travel or relocation. We’ve started tracking these contacts and from July to December last year we received over 60 calls, emails or walk-ins contacts including people looking for information specific to Osage or just general inquiries as to what there is to do here or relocation packets.

Our Board of Directors and I are all very excited to see what we can do in 2018 for the betterment of Osage and the promotion of its business community. If you want to support our efforts, contact me to see how you can help.


Regional Editor

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