OSAGE | The landscape of Mitchell County Regional Health Center is clearly changing and the next phase of the construction project is due to launch on February 15, effecting the registration location for emergency room patients.

According to Sam Taets, Senior Director of Process Excellence and internal lead manager of the current construction project, the emergency room registration area is relocating to the main lobby of MCRHC.

"Currently, our ER patients enter through the south side of the building near the physical therapy department. This will stay the same," Taets said, adding, "The difference is patients, who present between the hours of 8 a.m. until 11:30 p.m., will register at a temporary desk in the main lobby."

Taets said the projected timeline for this phase of the project is February 15 through the end of April.

According to Taets, the route is currently marked with signs at intersections and footprints on the floor guiding patients through the building to the emergency room. She said this signage will remain, with a few updates, alerting patients and their families where to check in.

"We are working hard to be sure patients are aware of changes and are assisted through their time in our care and as always we want to provide our patients with a safe and quality healthcare experience," Taets said.

Additional information about the MCRHC construction project can be obtained at mcrhc.com.