Every November, the first Tuesday after the first Monday, we in Iowa hold an election. This time around we will be determining the makeup of city governments.

We, as citizens, have obligations when it comes to elections. We need to take the time to research the candidates running for office, we need to determine what candidates have our best interests in mind, people who think like us and then we do have an obligation as a free society to take the time to vote.

Local issues have local solutions. Again, if you are or should be concerned about how local issues will be resolved, you need to research the candidates and then take the time to vote.

Cities, just like counties, need to be progressive. Doing nothing is not a solution. The question is: how do we move forward and what are our priorities?

Not only should you take the time to vote, but encourage your neighbors and friends to research the candidates and if any of them need assistance to go to the polls, provide them the ride or help them make arrangements to obtain a ride to the polls.

Not going to be around November 7? Vote absentee at the Courthouse. Call Auditor Tesch at 641-832-3946 X-1 for a ballot.

Our democracy depends upon participation. When only a few make all the choices for us, we no longer remain a free society. Make your vote count. Vote this November 7.