On October 17, students of Osage High School and Middle School participated in Iowa’s Healthiest Walk.

Advisor groups went out for a walk during Green Time, either to the track or on the paths that are located around the school, to let the children get out of the classroom and enjoy the outdoors.

Unfortunately, it was postponed at first due to the chilly weather conditions, and I’m sure most students would agree that Tuesday was a much better day to go out for this walk.

This event is part of Live Healthy Iowa’s annual healthy walk. Iowans in all 99 counties across the state participated to help support Healthiest State initiative.

The high school principal, Mr. Tim Hejhal, had this to say about the school participating in this event, “I do think exercising and getting up or out and moving is a very valuable. I believe it is important thing for everyone. Research shows that a healthy body and exercising helps learning and brain development.

I also just recently read an article that talked about obesity in Iowa. It stated the state of Iowa is ranked 13th worst in the nation for adult obesity. They also stated that 32 percent of adults are obese, and this number is growing. I really believe that it is important to try and develop healthy habits, including walking, at an early age.

"This walk is just one step toward that... I am always impressed at the number of students who come to school early each day and walk around the HS circle before classes begin. I want to congratulate and encourage this student activity to continue.”

Interviewing several students led to various answers and feelings about the subject. Some really thought that it was a good idea for everyone to do, to keep active and just to have a chance to get out of school, even if it was only for a half hour. Others were not very keen about the idea, wanting to just stay inside.

Now, while I myself am not an extremely active person, I do believe that this walk is very good for everyone, given that the weather is nice enough outside not to be freezing or overheating.