OSAGE | In this day and age of cyber stalking and hacking, Osage Municipal Utilities is offering a free device to help prevent those things happening to its customers.

The device is a computer camera blocker.

It simply slides over your laptop's camera, preventing a potential hacker to observe you on your computer's camera.

OMU Manager, Josh Byrnes said, although none of his utility's customers had reported any hacking, "an ounce of prevention never hurts."

"I have read a lot of information about hacker's using a person's camera to record their actions and then asking for money or else they would show the video," Byrnes said. "It takes nothing to put it on or take it off."

Byrnes said he has one on his laptop computer and gave them to his kids to also use on their laptops.

"The response has been good, with a number of people picking one up," he said. "People need to be really careful on what they are downloading or opening up on their devices."

Byrnes reminds people to be certain they stay on credible site and use a credible source for downloading items.

"Many sites are not credible, and your chances of acquiring a virus are high," he said. "Keep your antiviral software up to date on your computer.

"I would also suggest parents monitor their kids' electronic devices. Random spot checks on their devices is a good thing."