OSAGE | The Osage City Council discussed funding for new Christmas wreaths for Main Street during the October 16 meeting. 

Chamber of Commerce Director Kati Henry requested the city council help fund new Christmas wreaths to be displayed on Main Street during the holiday seasons.

In past years, Osage’s Chamber of Commerce has provided the street decorations, but because of low funds, Henry requested the city help provide the new decorations.

The total cost of the 15 large wreaths is $7,141.50. The Chamber of Commerce will provide $2,000 toward the purchase and the Council voted to pay the remaining $5,141 on the project. Henry stated the Chamber will attempt to sell the old decorations.

Tom Madden, Project Manager for SEH, said phase-one of the sewer project is almost complete and phases two and three are from one-half to two-thirds done. Madden said he estimated the project will be completed on December 1.

In regards to phase one, Madden said, “Some things in the project ran over quote, and some under and it seemed to work out, but we are $50,000 over projected cost.”

Madden said he contributed some of the overages to incorrect measurements by video cameras as compared to actual measurements by conventional methods. The video camera measurements were less than the actual measurements.

“I am getting a lot of flak on cement patches in the streets,” Madden said, “Where the concrete is too low or too high, they will go back and repair it. Some of that stuff will be cleared up after the sewer work is completed.”

Kathy Penny, Osage City Clerk, presented the council with a proposal to prepay $429,000 of the city’s $530,000 in outstanding bonds which are coming due in the years 2020 to 2027.

“We will pay off the bonds with the highest interest rates first,” Penny said. She added there will still be a remaining balance of $101,000 to pay off at a later date.

The council was informed a soy-based street sealant will be applied to the blacktop surface of Oak Street between Eighth and Tenth Streets. This two block stretch of blacktop will serve as a test project to see if the product would be advantageous on other blacktopped surfaces in town.

“It is clear heavy sealant,” said City Manager, Jerry Dunlay.

The council also discussed, with Parks and Recreation Director Del Gast, the possibility of extending a hard-surface road from Spring Park’s entrance to connect with the already paved curve to the west.

Some on the council suggested, if the project should be approved, it would also be an opportune time to blacktop the roads at the north edge of Osage’s Cemetery. The council agreed to do more research on these options.


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