OSAGE | During the Tuesday, Oct. 17, meeting of the Mitchell County Board of Supervisors meeting, members discussed the request for the county to become the fiscal agent for the Bridges Mentoring Program.

Mitchell County’s Bridges Mentoring Program is slated to lose its current fiscal agent at the end of 2017.

County Attorney Mark Walk said, “It’s a good program, but I don’t think it’s a program the county should be involved in. That is my opinion as county attorney.”

He later added, “As county attorney, there are too many down sides to it.”

County Auditor Lowell Tesch added, “It sets a precedent, and I don’t think it’s something the taxpayers want to get involved in.”

Both men stated their main concern with the request was the possibility of other nonprofits requesting assistance from the county. No official action was taken after the discussion.

Odor issues

Tom Madden, of SHE, discussed the county’s pre-treatment plant and the on-going issues with the odor problems coming from Valent BioSciences plant on the southeast side of Osage.

He reported at recent meetings with company officials, plant officials believe they have found the cause of the ongoing problem, but now equipment must be put in place to solve the issue.

Supervisor Joel Voaklander and Madden later discussed whether the newly engineered equipment be able to be serviced readily from area repairmen.

They said they concern was if the equipment is purchased from a vendor which does not currently have service people in the area, there could be problems if a breakdown would occur.

Voaklander stated serviceability of the new equipment is a major concern.

Public hearing

A public hearing was set for 8:45 a.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 7 for the proposal to incur non-current debt for phase one of the North Iowa Port Authority Natural Gas Distribution System.

The funds would be used for a feasibility study of a proposed natural gas pipeline crossing Mitchell County.

Gun permits

Sheriff Gregg Beaver informed the supervisors of a change in Iowa’s gun permit system. On Jan. 1, the State of Iowa will change to a unified gun permit system.

The fees for a gun permit will remain the same, but through the new statewide system, gun permits applicants will receive only a certificate at the time the gun permit is issued, but gun owners will be mailed, in three to five working days, their permanent permit, which will be a standardized permit for all Iowans.

New dog

Beaver also informed the supervisors his department wants to purchase a new canine.

The $13,000 fee for the dog would come from funds obtained from inmate fees, which cover the cost of inmates’ housing in the county jail. Currently, the sheriff’s office receives 60 percent of the inmate fees.


County Engineer Rich Brumm informed the supervisors a trial soy-based sealant will be applied to one lane of the Nora Springs Blacktop, just south of Highway 9.

The supervisors suggested a sign be put in place to designate the one-lane mile. If the sealant works, the county will consider using it on other blacktops.

“We have done these maintenance things before,” Supervisor Stan Walk. “There is a value to it.”

Brum said if the manufacture’s claim are correct, it will seal oil into the blacktop and add several years of longevity to the asphalt road.