OSAGE | On Sunday, Nov. 19, during the morning worship service, Pastor Cindy Krause will be installed as the new minister for Osage’s Our Savior’s Lutheran Church. She is will also become the congregation’s first female pastor. She began her pastoral duties, at Our Savior’s, on October 8.

Krause, raised in Red Wing, Minnesota, attended parochial school, and later graduated from Red Wing High School. She then graduated from Luther College in Decorah, obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. After graduation, she moved to Madison, Wisconsin, where she worked in public relations, training employees for various companies in the insurance industry. She also became a troubleshooter for her employers.

Later, she moved to Concord, New Hampshire, where she continued to work in the insurance industry.

“While I was there, I felt called into the ministry,” Krause said.

She later attended theology school in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, where she graduated from the seminary program.

“After graduation, I accepted a call in Metropolis, Illinois, which was a small town in southern Illinois,” Krause said. “The congregation was rather small. My second call was a two-point parish in central Illinois, where I served two churches. Then I served the congregation in New Hampton, which was a medium-sized congregation for three and a half years.

“I always like to have the congregation focus more on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and on a more outward focus on others, than on an inward focus. I also look for ways to help a congregation in being be more welcoming. I am always looking for ways to help leaders to work together as a unit, instead of working as individuals.

“I want people to want to come to worship and enjoy being here as much as I do, and that they have missed something if they didn’t come. I want people to have as much compassion for one another, as they would have for their own family; To have compassion in their hearts for one another just as Jesus has for us, or at least work toward that. It’s putting yourself in others’ shoes and seeing things from their perspective.”

Speaking of working with other churches in the area, Krause said, “What all Christians have in common is that our salvation is found in Jesus Christ. Sometimes we tend to focus on our differences, and not what we have in common. Today, people are less concerned about denominations, and are more comfortable with attending were their needs are met.”

Having only been at the helm for less than a month, Krause is still determining what her congregation’s needs are, but she laid out some of her initial strategy on ministry.

“Sunday morning is a big focus, but we also have different groups that meet and carry out the function of the church, like mission work where we have a quilt ministry, and also our youth ministry,” Krause said. “In time, I will do an adult Bible study. I am just getting to know the congregation. They are a very wonderful and welcoming congregation.

“The first year you spend getting to know the congregation. This is a very active congregation, but I know there is even more potential here. Basically, I am looking forward to working with them to help develop their potential.”


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