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20 years ago - Osage Police officer Jeff Huftalin typing a report. The Osage Police Department was featured for its work in Osage.

OSAGE | Mitchell County Sheriff’s Deputy Jeff Huftalin is retiring after 23 and one-quarter years in law enforcement, 18 of which were served in Mitchell County.

“Law enforcement was something I wanted to do since I was a kid,” Huftalin said. “That or be a pro baseball player. I’m not very good at baseball, so here I am.”

Huftalin has lived most of his life in Osage, having moved to the town when he was in the second grade.

“When I first graduated college, I couldn’t find a job in law enforcement so I sold insurance for a while,” Huftalin said.

Though he has no concrete plans on what he will do once he’s retired, after 23 years, he is looking forward to a change.

“I’m looking forward to spending more time with my family and more time fishing,” Huftalin said, “I’m looking forward to more time on my motorcycle too and just doing the sort of things old, retired guys do.”

Over the 23 plus years in law enforcement, Huftalin has seen and experienced a lot of changes, in both law enforcement as well as his role in the department.

“It’s all good though,” Huftalin said of the changes. “It’s been a great career. I think the biggest change was just how much of a role technology takes in criminal investigations these days.”

From traffic stops to domestic calls, Huftalin has seen a number of things during his time with the department. For the past 10 years, he’s spent a lot of time on investigations.

“What I’ve really loved the most about law enforcement is just helping people when they need the help the most,” Huftalin said, who offered some advice for young men and women looking to go into law enforcement. “Make good choices before you get here. Stay out of trouble and just do the right thing.”

Huftalin finishes his tenure as a Mitchell County Sheriff’s Deputy at the end of December.


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