Harmony Takes the Crown

So many people say peace isn’t possible,

But I say that nothing is impossible.

The world is at our fingertips,

But yet we all struggle to get a grip.

There is this never ending tension

That no one seems to want to mention.

A solution is in our sight

To stop our world from this fight.

We must try to love others,

As if they are our sisters and brothers.

There is nothing stopping us

Except this massive fuss.

I challenge you all to take the leap

To see the world including the nights of short sleep.

Respect the differences of others

Because in end you bleed red like one another.

There are extraordinary places to see

That are here and across the sea.

Everyone should be accepted,

But yet there is this misconception that some can be rejected

Keep hoping for a piece of peace

Because this problem must come to a cease.

I see a future world where all walls come down,

And harmony takes the crown.


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