SAVAGE, Minn. | Although penned as a fictional story about a 15-year-old boy, the book “Foss Man,” started out as a memoir, of sorts, for Mitchell County native Keith Fossey.

The book, released in December 2017, revolves around 15-year-old Luke Foster, whose financial struggles, death of this baby sister, and rape of his older sister, culminates in him killing the town bully and sends his life into turmoil.

Fossey, 76, a retired educator, said the book takes into account his life in St. Ansgar and near Osage.

“Colleagues familiar with my life story encouraged me to write an autobiography,” Fossey said. “Some of the incidents in the book are autobiographical.”

This isn’t Fossey's first published book.

In 1993, he published the book, “The Football Scholarship Guide,” a guide for high school athletes seeking scholarships.

“My first book was a ‘how to’ book,” Fossey said. “This one is with mystery and suspense. It is the first in a trilogy.”

“There are a number of social messages in the book,” Fossey said. “The negative impact of alcohol abuse, child abuse, along with the positive impact of respecting your elders, strong work ethics, self-restraint and contributions of immigrants.”

Fossey expects Foss Man II, which covers Luke’s college years, to be published this fall and Foss Man III, which covers Luke’s adult years, to be published in the fall of 2019.

The book can be found in many bookstores, including Barnes and Noble, and online at Amazon.