OSAGE | With the hopes of someday retiring, Mike Dorsey has taken a hobby and turned it into a new, future, full-time job.

Dorsey, who has worked for Winnebago Industries for 31 years and is employed in the Winnebago plant in Charles City, recently opened Dorsey’s Bait and Tackle Shop in his garage, located at 1109 Pleasant Street in Osage.

“I’ll probably retire in four years, and I thought it was something I could start as a hobby and eventually I can go full time,” he said. “Dad took us fishing when I was 6 or 7 years old.”

His love of the sport is evident with his fish mailbox.

Today, Dorsey fishes for walleye off his larger boat with its 115-horse power Mercury outdoor motor. He said he fishes in shallow waters below dams, in his smaller shallow water boat.

“Today, I am basically a walleye fisherman. So, I basically started making lures when I couldn’t find them anyplace else,” Dorsey said.

He now produces these types of lures for customers.

To produce his leaded-head lures, he uses an electric pot to melt down the lead, then pouring it into a mold, which produces a round-shaped head. Once the head takes form, but is still warm, Dorsey places it into bright colored powdered paint, which adheres to the warm metal. Next, he places the coated head into a 350-degree oven and bakes the paint for 15 minutes, to produce a brightly-colored, plastic-type coating.

“I have been tying flies for six years,” he said. “I basically learned to tie them by reading books. Today, it’s easier, because you can get on YouTube and will find all kinds of information. You can use flies for fly-fishing and also for spinner bait. The fly sits on the water’s surface, with a metal spinner ahead of it.”

Along with Dorsey’s own tied flies and, he also offers live bait.

“Right now, I have minnows and chubs in my tank, and I always have worms on hand,” he said.

Dorsey said he arrives at the shop after 3 p.m. on weekdays and is "here on Saturdays and Sundays."

Reach him at 641-220-6127.