OSAGE | A Chilean painter's contemporary abstract painting exhibit is now on display at the Mitchell County Historical Museum. 

The exhibit is Joshua Stuart Walker's "Reading Paint."

Walker, the son of John and Ann Walker, was born in Dominican Republic. He grew up in Santiago, Chile, graduating from high school there in 2001. 

Walker later obtained a degree in creative arts from Hampshire College, in Amherst, Massachusetts. Today, he is an artist in Santiago.

The exhibit contains many original abstract paintings with no titles.

“He intentionally leaves his works untitled then the observer begins to read the painting in context of their own life experiences,” said his dad, John. “If a painter gives a painting a name it forces the viewer to try and see those images.”

John, who was raised in Osage, recently transported his son’s paintings to Osage for the display.

While looking at the pieces of art, viewers will notice the multicolored works will often change hues when seen at different distances and with various lighting. 

One piece was painted on a small piece of cellulose film and later enlarged and photographed.

Another colorful abstract piece depicts a view of Osage’s Main Street heading west from the corner of Eighth and Main Streets. The artist's images came from his childhood recollections of visiting Osage with his parents and from a 1950s photo of Osage’s Main Street.

The exhibit, which includes pieces for sale, will run through Oct. 28. The museum is open 1-5 p.m., Wednesday through Sunday.

For more information on the exhibit call 641-832-2574 or email mchsosage@gmail.com.


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