TOETERVILLE | Christian singer, song writer Jesse Bless, of rural Toeterville, will release a four-song extended-play, or EP, album called, "Resolute." Bless wrote, performed, and produced the album himself.

Bless recorded the four songs as electronic pop. The album will be available on I-Tunes, Spotify, and Amazon on Friday, Jan. 19.

Bless, a 2016 graduate of St. Ansgar High School, was active in music during his high school years, participating in both small ensembles, as well as choir. He was an all-state selection as a second tenor.

“In high school, they had a pop show and that is where I performed my first original song,” Bless said. Last year, he attended Wartburg in Waverly, where he was a music major.

As for his interest in Christian music, Bless said, “I grew up in a nice, Christian family and through Bible camps and Christian concerts, I began to experience what God is really like. When I was about 15, I went to my first concert and that is when my interest first started in recording Christian music.”

Unlike many singing artists, Bless does not accompany himself with an instrument, rather he uses his keyboard and a computer program, to write and record his music. He then his adds his voice to the electronic accompaniment.

“I make my own music through a background program called FI Studio, on my computer,” Bless said. “I go on the computer and pick out the cords, then I put them together and organize them to create a song, and then I sing to it. It’s called a digital audio work station, which I use to produce my music.”

Asked if he develops the music or lyrics first, Bless said, “Sometimes the music comes first and then I write the lyrics, but normally, I write the lyrics first and then the music comes to me. The goal for my music is to come to a younger generation, and help them to become determined and unwavering in their faith, while following God’s plan for their life.”

Bless said wants his Christian music to become more than just an emotional high, rather, he wants his music to help transform youth.

“You can’t just rely on your own emotions when you walk with God, to accomplish something much bigger than yourself,” he said. “When you aren’t emotionally high, you have to rest on God’s truth and be disciplined, so you can keep walking on God’s path.”

As for future endeavors, Bless said, “I haven’t done any concerts yet, but I plan to do some with local churches in the future.”


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