OSAGE | Allyn and Carol Milton were labeled the “Dynamic Duo,” when they recently received an award for their volunteerism around the Osage Community.

The retired couple spends a significant amount of their time each week volunteering at non-profits throughout community, which includes helping at Sacred Heart Church, Shop On State, Cedar River Complex and the Gift Shop at Mitchell County Regional Health Center.

“You can sit, but why not get up and move around and do something,” Carol said. “I just like working with people. I always worked with people when I worked, and that was what I missed when I retired.

“Volunteering just gets you moving and I enjoy it, and it helps people.”

Carol gets out of bed at 4:30 a.m., two mornings a week, so she can be at the CRC to clean the conference room, by 5:30 a.m.

Carol is no stranger to the Osage Community.

“After my retirement in 2007, I had the summer off and in the fall, I started volunteering at the CRC,” Carol said. “I have always volunteered at our church for as long as I have been there.”

Allyn, the second half of the Dynamic Duo, retired in 2005. Besides his many volunteer hours, Allyn also helps a local farmer in the planting and harvesting seasons.

Known for his repair work and building projects, where he volunteers.

“My dad was handy and I followed in his footsteps. He taught me a lot and I just keep going,” he said. “I did take an automotive course through the Chicago Trade Institute, which helped me too.”

If you were to have stopped, recently, at Shop On State, you would have found him building shelves.

“I help around here with hauling, lifting, repair and building,” Allyn said. “I have a lot of elderly neighbors and we also help them out.”

Asked about their partnership in volunteering, Carol said, “When we were employed, we both worked outside the home, and we did the homework together. I guess we have done things together, because it makes the job easier.”

“They are two of the most humble volunteers,” said CRC Director, Beth Blumberg. “Carol just silently comes in and cleans the conference room twice a week and she never says anything. When she gets done you could eat off the floor. Allyn doesn’t just fix things, he finds a way to make things better. He is very resourceful.”

Speaking of the benefits of volunteering, Carol said, “One benefit is when I work at SOS, a lot of the kids that grew up with our kids say, ‘Oh you are Larry and Arlene’s mom.’ They used to come and stay overnight with our kids and I would never get to see them if I didn’t work at SOS.”

Allyn said, “We don’t do it for the recognition or for money, we just do it, because it makes you feel good.”