OSAGE | There’s a new shop in downtown Osage for DIY crafts, unique gifts and artistically-based group events.

It’s called CREATE, located at 731 Main St., Osage.

A longtime crafter, Joann Wells decided to turn her passion into a business when the opportunity presented itself.

“My husband will tell you it’s because it’s the world’s largest craft room,” said CREATE owners Joann Wells, who relocated to Osage from Michigan at the very end of July, when her husband was hired to work at R. R. Donnelly.

“The way it all came about was that we looked on realtor.com for a rental and there was only one listing for a house for sale in Osage, so we looked on Craigslist,” she said. “We found the apartment above the store and made arrangements to see it when my husband was in town to do his interview. The retail space wasn’t occupied and I asked what was going on there, and when I was told 'nothing,' the wheels started turning.

“I’m not an artist but a crafter,” Wells said. “I like to make things and be creative.”

Urging people to be creative is exactly what the space is all about Wells said. With colorful images along the wall depicting the projects available and those to come, CREATE is outfitted with glitter, paints, stamps, brushes and so much more.

“People get excited about painting parties,” Wells said. “It’s a chance for them to come together, talk, relax, be creative and spend time together.”

At CREATE, the next public party in on Friday, Dec. 1, where a paint-by-numbers snowman project will be available. In addition, the shop has many fun activities for kids, where using glitter is not only welcomed, it’s encouraged. Visitors can paint Christmas decorations, door decorations, aprons and so much more.

“I wanted to do things a little different for each project to make them all fun and exciting,” Wells said. Those who were in attendance at her ribbon cutting ceremony, were encouraged to sign aprons with puff paint and make an ornament with a decorative stamp.

A first-time business owner, Wells hopes to hold a painting party two-three times a week. “Great for a fun club activity, and wonderful for kids or adults, Wells said, “It gives people the opportunity to spend family time together while doing something they can take with them to remember the moment.”

“We also have Valentine’s plans for signs, which would be perfect gifts,” Wells said. “I really want to pull together as a community and keep supporting each other. I want to do one night a month that is a repair library. Maybe someone can repair electronics. I can mend. Instead of tossing things in a landfill and getting a new one, we can fix things. It’s just something I’d like to get started.”

For more information about CREATE, visit Well’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/OsageCreate.


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