OSAGE | The Osage Community School library is always looking to update the learning materials.

The newest learning gadget students have access to is virtual reality headsets.

Virtual Reality is an electronically-generated device that simulates 3D images and environments by using a helmet with a screen in it, usually powered by an IPod or cell phone.

With these headsets, students can go on expeditions, and teachers can take their students on different journeys.

“Students are visual learners, so it allows them to become more immersed in what they’re learning,” Kelley Molitor, Osage’s teacher librarian said.

There are many quests and different opportunities to explore different places. Google Expedition has hundreds of options. The most popular expeditions are visiting museums and national parks.

“Students in Social Studies classes can take a field trip to the Smithsonian, when in reality we are cost prohibited to do this,” Thomas Meier, Osage’s Technology Director, said.

Students in Science classes can observe things that they would see with a microscope. There are many quests that deal with seeing cells.

“We currently have 15 headsets, and we are looking to grow. One of the goals is to be able to go 1:1 (one device for each student) in the classrooms that will mostly benefit,” Molitor said.

Going 1:1 will help fulfill the goal of getting students of different ages to see things in a new way. Another goal is to get students excited and gain interest in different fields.

Senior Madison Johnson is particularly excited for these virtual reality headsets. “I would like to go into a dental hygeine next year, so I am really excited to get an early look by going on the Dental Expedition.”

This expedition in particular will give Johnson an idea of what her potential career could look like.

“We are really excited to provide a new technique for the students here at Osage. We are looking forward to getting teachers on board with this new idea,” Mollitor said.