OSAGE | On Thursday, Dec. 14, the Mitchell County Soil and Water Conservation District honored local landowners and producers at their 2017 Conservation Award Banquet held at the Milton R. Owen Nature Center.

“Congratulations is given to all the award winners this year,” said Walter Woolfolk, Conservation Aide. “Their hard work to apply and maintain conservation practices such as cover crops, no tilling, wildlife habitats, windbreaks, and tree plantings will benefit them and Mitchell County for years to come.

“As farming and applying conservation practices is often a family or group effort, the awards this year represent these combined efforts.”

The awardees for this year included: Adam Norby and Alec Amundson – Conservation Farmers of the Year; Al Witt and Bruce Johnson – Conservation Farmers of the Year; Andy and Ben Johnson – Cover Crops; Curtis “Corky”, Fred, and Jon Krebsbach – No Till; John H. Hanson Family Trust and Foothill Farms – Wildlife Habitat; Reams Family Farm – Tree Planting; and Bob Rasmussen – Windbreak.

Bob Rasmussen was also presented with a 2016 Windbreak Award from the Iowa Division of The Izaak Walton League of America.