When you are caught up in the moment, the last thing on your mind might be how you react to a situation you are in. E+R=O is a not a very well known way to calm yourself down, but if you can input it into your life, in some way, it can be a positive influence.

I was unaware of this simple saying until this last spring. During football leadership meetings, we learned how to use this method.

What does E+R=O even mean? When would I use something like that in my life? Well, E+R=O is a simple, easy way to slow yourself down to make positive decisions.

In leadership class for football, we spent a good portion of our time talking about this and what other good programs do to separate themselves from other schools. The method became popular about a year and a half ago when Ohio State football won the National Championship. Urban Meyer came out and said that they use E+R=O with their players.

“E” stands for the event that takes place. This can range from someone stepping on your foot in the lunch line or something as serious as a death to a loved one. We have to realize we have no control over the “E” factor.

“R” is the response you use to react to the event placed before you. We have almost all control over the way we respond to an event. There are few occasions where we don’t have control of the “R” factor. Your personality can affect the way you respond.

“O” is the outcome of your response. This isn’t always as controllable as we think. We can manage our outcome as best we can based on our response. Being humans, we do tend to make mistakes. It’s all about limiting them and creating the best response we can.

I hope you can put this method into use at some point in your life. The way you respond to reading this essay can affect the outcome, that being whether or not you use this later in life or not. There you go: you already have a jump on the competition.


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