MASON CITY | Effective immediately, Lime Creek Conservation Area trails will be closed to all horses and non-snow bikes for the remainder of the winter/ski season. Trails will re-open to in the spring of 2018.

The Cerro Gordo County Conservation Board would like to inform all LCCA users of trail guidelines during the winter season.

Lime Creek Conservation Area offers nearly 8 miles of groomed trails to accommodate diagonal stride/traditional skiing and skate style skiing when snow conditions permit. An initial base of 6 to 8 inches of snowfall is required to cover all trail irregularities and provide a base for grooming activities.

Normal grooming will typically follow any additional snowfall. If a dusting of snowfall is received it is recommended to simply ski over the existing groomed tracks.

Hikers, dog walkers, and other winter trail users are encouraged to use either the Quarry Lake Loop or the Easy Access Trail. The Quarry Lake Loop is located on the west side of the area and is packed to facilitate a hard surfaced snow trail. The Easy Access Trail is located adjacent to the Nature Center and when conditions permit the trail is cleared of snow.

Snow bike users (tires greater than 3.5 inches) are restricted to the designated trails, Quarry Lake Loop and the Wild Turkey Loop. (CGC-7.2 Recreational Use: All recreational use other than foot traffic is restricted to designated trails on all county conservation board managed areas).

Access to LCCA will be allowed from the south along the east/river side of the River Bluffs Trail and the Easy Access Trail during the snow/winter season. Snow bike users must obey all signs and not travel in the groomed tracks set on the River Bluffs Trail section described above.

Non-skiers who use any of the “groomed” cross country ski trails are directed to walk to the far right or outside of the groomed area (Do NOT walk in the grooved channels set for the classical or diagonal stride and to the outside of the skating trails.) Skiers with pets are also directed to keep pets from walking/running in groomed area. (All pets must be kept on a 6-foot leash)

The ski season is very short in north Iowa and to maintain trail opportunities, it will take the cooperation of all park users. All motorized vehicle traffic is prohibited on all trails (i.e. ATVs, snowmobiles, etc). If you have any questions regarding winter trail use or winter conditions contact the conservation office at 423-5309 or visit our website at