I live in Cerro Gordo County, and I am a member of Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement and the Iowa Farmers Union.

We are disappointed by the lack of political will shown by the EPC and the DNR.

They are beholden to the factory farm industry; that is, they are obligated to the factory farm industry because they are getting a return from that industry.

They are so beholden that they couldn't even make changes to the Master Matrix – changes they are able to make, changes to a system that we all know is outdated and indeed broken.

However, the factory farm industry has done nothing for the local communities in Iowa; instead it has ripped those communities apart.

The EPC and the DNR are not doing their jobs.

But we are not going away.

In the face of more inaction by the DNR, we need government to work for Iowans and the environment – we need government that requires corporate powers to pay a fair share of taxes, that properly funds the DNR, and that does not leave Iowans to pick up the tab on the pollution.

What we truly need is:

  • local control over the siting of factory farms;
  • a moratorium on new and expanding factory farm construction;
  • mandatory – not voluntary – rules and regulations to clean up our water;
  • and regulations forcing big ag to clean up its mess, not the everyday Iowans who did not cause Iowa's water crisis.

We will keep fighting until we have a truly just and sustainable food system that works for farmers, farm workers, local citizens, those who consume our farm products, and the environment!

The EPC's vote is just another sign that we must continue putting massive pressure on our elected officials.

Jan Wann, Mason City


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