Helfenberger, who served as city administrator in St. Cloud, Florida, from 2015-17, was responsible for helping lead a downtown development, ranging from hotel restoration to a new 10-15 story mixed-use building. The developer who assisted in the project spent more than $10 million on St. Cloud's downtown area.

Helfenberger said Mason City has a lot of potential and that if he is selected, he would help make the city the best that it can be.

That includes making sure the River City Renaissance Project is completed without any further challenges, he added.

"I would work with the task force group (Mason City Says Yes) that is currently spearheading it," Helfenberger said. "And be a facilitator to make sure that the roadblocks to getting the project done are removed, and that the resources are set to accomplish it."

He resigned from St. Cloud in July 2017, after a city council member made a motion to terminate him for allegedly spending more than $100,000 without the council's consent, Spectrum 13 News reported.

Helfenberger emphasized that this mistake was made by the city finance director, who resigned the week after the news broke.

He added his decision to resign was because he and council members didn't agree on certain projects and the future of St. Cloud.

"I was hired under a different council and they wanted to go in a certain direction, they wanted a lot of growth," Helfenberger said. "They (new council members) wanted to go in a completely different direction, it was a direction I ultimately didn’t want to go in." 

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