There are two types of people, "critical thinkers," who use facts, proof, evidence and logic, and those that critical thinking is trumped by emotion. Emotion is easier to sway, usually by guilt and/or fear. Thinking is hard, it takes effort.

There are two reasons why mad-made climate change is impossible:

First, mankind cannot "create" materials, particles, molecules, atoms. That is why we dig, drill and mine. Mankind can only "temporarily" isolate, combine and relocate materials. Eventually, the Earth recycles all materials back to their natural state.

Second, because the Earth is basically contained, there is no more and no less of amount any material than there was, water, CO2 particles, carbon, anything. The only things to have left earth are space vehicles. the only things to have come to earth or meteorites, asteroids and space vehicles.

Controversy arise because critical thinker recognize the issue of climate change as a hoax, designed to obtain more power and control.

The emotional, though well intension, are too easily swayed and willing to vote away the country's rights, liberties and freedoms.

Matthew Hixson

Forest City, Iowa.