To the editor:

After reading your editorial on the Opinion Page of the Summit Jan. 14 entitled “Police project is wrong one," I felt it necessary to respond to said editorial.

I am quite surprised that you as editor would put out such a negative article expressing such blatant disagreement with our city council’s decision to move forward with repairs of a properly sized and structurally sound building. This is an attempt to conserve the city’s resources. Wouldn’t someone in a position capable of using the printed word for public expression naturally desire to be supportive of the local elected officials? I have always tried to stem my beratement unless I have walked (or at least stood nearby) in another’s shoes and proven I can do better.

But, more to the subject, the police have determined they need a building of the size and style that the burned building just so happens to fit. So it makes perfect common sense to move forward rather than stagnate the decision any longer.

The thought of housing both the county and the city was a nice thought, but there was little substance in how this would happen since both entities have their own needs as well as agendas. It’s about as logical as assuming the local newpaper would like to be housed in a local sawmill simply because they both start out with wood and both serve their community (be thankful I was convinced to not use the analogy of the outhouse.)

Of course it would be wonderful to build a big new police facility ….. if the funds were there! The simple fact is, there was only a certain amount of settlement from the insurance company and, unless you have a spare few hundred thousand dollars to donate to them, that’s all they have to spend. It is most commendable the city is requesting and utilizing volunteers and city workers as a major portion of the labor force on this project. A much better way to build on community pride than to stand on the sidelines and ridicule the decision.

It is truly time for the FCPD to move on with this project and finally get housed in a facility sized properly and for the rest of us to be supportive of the decision by the council. After all, that’s who we elected to represent us with these type of issues, wasn’t it?

Greg Flugum

Forest City


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