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God has given each of us a mother and since this past Sunday has been set aside to celebrate Mother's Day I am going to tie the Gospel text in with that in mind.

The text comes from John 17: 6-19. In verse 6 Jesus is talking to the Father of how he had made known to the people that the Father had given to him to care for the Father's name.

As a mother, when our children were born, it became my responsibility along with my husband to care for them.

To teach them regarding the love our Heavenly Father has for them. It became our responsibility to make sure we set the example of remembering the Sabbath Day and keeping it Holy. It became our responsibility to read in our home the Holy Word of God and to teach them to pray trusting that God would protect them from the evil one

In verse 15, Jesus gives us the example we are to follow regarding this. Jesus is right now asking the Father on our behalf to keep us from evil.

We as christian parents need to continually pray for our children for this same protection.

It is such a comfort to me to think that Jesus cares for me that He is praying that prayer for me as well as for you. Jesus does this so that we might have His joy in us.

As a mother, I can do little to protect my children from all the evil forces that will try to harm them no matter what their age.

I also know that when I pray God's protection over their bodies, minds, hearts and souls, then I can rest assured that the greatest power I know has them in the palm of His hands.

I also know that yes, they may call me Mom, but they were just given to me to care for while I am on this earth.

God was the one who created them and they ultimately belong to Him. Yes I was given them to teach and guide them. I also had to release them into the Holy Spirits power.

It is only then that I can rest knowing they are being cared for wrapped in the hands of the almighty, all loving, and living God.

There is a question that is asked of parents, "Do you know where your children are?"

Yes, I know where I have placed them, in the hands of God. It is their choice if they remain there. Just each of us have to make the choice to remain under the protection of God. I know each day in the morning and at night that I have placed my children in God's hands. I was taught this by my parents as I heard them praying for me and my siblings. They followed Christ's example.

Are you following His example. If you aren't it is not too late.


Regional Editor

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