The Gospel text for Sunday, August 6 told us as the great crowd of people stood on the shore waiting for him to arrive, Jesus had compassion for them.

Jesus still has compassion for us today as we await for Him to come to the shores of our lives.

He is coming to you even today if you allow Him to come. He will feed your heart and your soul out of the store house of His word as you come to meditate on it. He will give to you the bread of life and He will quench the thirsting of your soul.

At times you may feel as if you are alone in this world.

Jesus would ask you to look up and see all those around you that are seeking for the things that this world cannot satisfy.

On that day, Jesus blessed the fish and the loaves and He broke the bread. Then He gave it to the disciples to feed the hungry crowd so all could eat until they were satisfied. All of the leftover pieces where put into baskets. There was enough to full twelve baskets full. One basket for each of the disciples.

If you consider yourself a disciple of Christ today, you too have been given a basket full to share with those who surround you.

Ask the Lord to bless that which you have been given the world of God, then go out and feed the hungry that surround you.

Today, God wants to use your heart, your mouth, your hands, and your feet to spread His word to those you come in contact with.

If you are willing, God will open your eyes to see the hungry, He has already placed in your hands His words of life. He will give you the words to speak into the hearts of the hungry souls and through you they will be satisfied.

Today, hear Jesus saying to you, “You give them something to eat.” If you do not respond take up the basket given to you then who will?

Don’t let anything rob you of joy of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others.