The recent Puckerbrush festival had plenty of evidence of the important relationship between attendees of the recent WIT Grand National Rally and the community of Forest City.

Plenty of folks with WIT name badges could be seen eating salads, participating in the parade and just hanging out at Puckerbrush activities.

Drive by the Winnebago Industries' Customer Service campground from spring through fall and you'll see RVs camped on a regular basis as the owners bring rigs in for regular maintenance. Those owners don't just stay in the campground. They leave to explore Forest City and North Iowa.

For many WIT members and Winnebago owners in general, Forest City is part of their summer and/or travel tradition. It's much like families who rent a cabin at the same resort each summer. 

Forest City should be pleased with the tradition.

'Into the Woods'

Part of the praise that needs to be shared from this past week and weekend must go the talented people of BrickStreet Theatre. 

The cast and crew tackled a challenging musical that was nearly three hours long and filled with lyrics and phrasing that required the energy and focus of a 90-yard march down the football field.

These folks managed families, jobs and other commitments to rehearse so the audience could see four performances of the musical.

Thank you BrickStreet.  The cast and crew deserve a full house for every performance. The audience came very close to doing that for some recent performances.

Forest City and the surrounding communities can make those full houses happen with the fall/winter production of "A Christmas Story."