Have you ever got into your car and at seemed like all of a sudden you were immediately at your destination? No, you’re pretty sure you didn’t teleport or anything, but somehow your mind was so preoccupied with other thoughts that you didn’t remember taking any turns or stopping at any intersections. You don’t remember if you passed any vehicles or if you looked both ways after a stop sign.

We’ve become so accustomed to activities like driving that it’s easy to no longer give it our full attention, watch out for others, or to notice the world passing by. While driving is a terrifying example of this, I have come to find that I can sleepwalk through other parts of my life too. How many times have I found myself on Friday wondering where the week went? I went to work and surely I did my job—but was I awake enough to really notice the people and the needs around me? How often do I come home after a long day, but my mind somehow stays distracted on a project or worry? The most important people in the world are right in front of me, but I only give them a fraction of my attention.

In Mark 8, Jesus was summoned to heal a sick girl in an important man’s home. Yet, while Jesus was on his way, a sick and outcast nobody of a woman touched the hem of his garment in hope that he might heal hear. Jesus, although he was on his way to do something important, didn’t sleepwalk to his next task or appointment. He paused to see the people and the needs around him.

I’m sure you’re busy today. I bet you have a ton of things to do and people who are counting on you. But ask God to help you be awake to the people and needs immediately around you today. It might just be that the most important thing you do today isn’t in your planner or on your to-do list.