FOREST CITY | A hunt at Bear Creek Golf Course is being planned to reduce the population of geese who have been causing damage.

The city of Forest City owns the golf course land, while the course is operated by an organization called Bear Creek Run.

Dennis Busta came to last week's city council meeting to speak on behalf of Bear Creek Run.

He said there's more than 200 geese at the golf course, bike paths, parks and ponds that are causing a lot of mess and bacteria in those areas. 

The geese are comfortable there because of the lack of predators, according to Busta.

Several of the greens at the golf course are severely damaged with holes from the geese, he told the council. 

Bear Creek Run wants to set up an organized hunt on holes 15, 16 and 17 to shoot south across the river to let the geese know the area is not a safe haven.

They would close the Back 9 and trails in the area during the hunt. Fifteen hunters would be allowed to participate, with each hunter permitted to shoot two geese.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources told Bear Creek Run they only need permission from the city council for the hunt. 

The city council told Busta to present final plans for the hunt at its Sept. 18 meeting. Mayor Barney Ruiter said this will be soon enough for the hunt to take place during goose season.

Goose season is Sept. 23-25 and reopens Oct. 7. 

Ruiter said Heritage Park of North Iowa also has issues with geese and would like to be included in the hunt. He said they will have to ask for permission from the city as well to be part of the hunt.